Autumn Activities – Get Your Home Ready for Winter TIME TO VENT

It is that time of year where leaves turn from green to brown and we need to start preparing our homes for winter.

Winter is a time of roaring fires, warming stews and for a lot of us, wet windows and damp walls that tend to start in autumn.


Part of the issue is that at this time of year we have to start drying washing inside on a line, or using a tumble dryer.  We also tend to turn the shower to the next notch of heat – all these things cause moisture, which can lead to condensation and damp.

One thing you can do when drying washing inside is to open a window for ventilation – however no one wants to do that when it is cold outside.

So what can we do???

Here at Dry Homes Solutions, we can eradicate the condensation and damp by installing a special ventilation system that CREATES NO DRAUGHT – so you can dry your washing indoors without having the windows open.  We will even clean the mould FOR FREE!

Throughout the autumn and winter consider the points shown below:

  • Know the places where damp and mould can appear – examples are: above skirting boards, inside cupboards and behind beds and wardrobes.
  • Do regular checks for damp, mould and condensation and contact us if you find any
  • Damp, condensation and mould are caused by insufficient ventilation – our special ventilation system can help
  • Instruct us to treat the walls of your property to prevent damp and its associated problems before they arrive.



Summer Checklist to Winter-Proof your Home from Damp & Condensation – it’s TIME TO VENT!

Now is the IDEAL time to winter-proof your home against leaks, damp, the dreaded condensation and potentially hazardous mould.  After all, you probably don’t want to have to open your windows in the winter to ventilate.


So what can you do?

  • Check for any water ingress when it rains – go up into the roof space.  Is there any evidence of a water leak?  It’s best to deal with it sooner rather than later. Are any walls damp in the house?  Water can get in through walls if the pointing is poor, and could result in damp, blown plaster and mould.  Let Dry Home Solutions check these for you FREE OF CHARGE. We prefer to do the survey with you, so you can also see if anything needs doing.
  • Outside, make sure you haven’t got earth piled up against the house.
  • If you have got damp and worry about the cost of dealing with it, call Dry Home Solutions – we will conduct a FREE SURVEY – sometimes the problem seems worse than it is!  Not all damp is rising damp and we can easily and cost effectively treat it in next to no time.  And with a 10 YEAR GUARANTEE.
  • Do you live in a flat and have to dry your washing indoors? Do you get condensation every winter?  Dry Home Solutions has the answer! A cost effective solution for life that will eradicate your condensation problem.  It’s a special ventilation system that CREATES NO DRAUGHT – so you can dry your washing indoors without having the windows open.  We will even clean the mould FOR FREE!  Here’s a testimonial from a very happy customer:-

” Keith and his team fitted a passive vent to our bedroom to help reduce the condensation problem that had not eased over the summer months.

The next morning after opening the blinds I was shocked to find no moisture. Each day the condensation has been reduced and my wife and I couldn’t be happier with the installation.”

  • Do you use a dehumidifier?  Which you have to keep emptying?  Give us a call – our ventilation system will mean no more dehumidifier – for life.  IT’S TIME TO VENT!