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Here at Dry Home Solutions Ltd, we provide many services for our clients which are carried out responsibly and with care to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Condensation eradication

Image of a Dehumidifier Vent - Outside View

We are encouraged to conserve energy in today's climate aware society. Not only does this save money but also keeps homes warmer. The easiest way to do this is to insulate our homes. The downside to insulation, triple or double glazed windows and blocking all draughts is the build-up of condensation which can lead to damp and mould.

The cost of damp and mould removal can mount up, not to mention the cost of re-plastering. The alternative is to allow the build-up of condensation and of potentially hazardous black mould or suffer draughts and lose heat.

Dangers of Mould and Damp

Image of Mould and Damp

Condensation is a very common problem in many homes and buildings. If left untreated it can be responsible for damp and fast mould growth on walls, ceilings windows, furniture and fabrics. This can be detrimental to health as some fungi produce toxic substance called Mycotoxins, as well a large number of volatile organic compounds that cause the familiar 'mouldy' odour.

Condensation is often more noticeable in the winter due to wall and window surfaces being colder and drying clothes indoors. Lack of ventilation, insufficient heating levels, and lots of people in the same dwelling and cooking indoors can be responsible for the build-up of condensation, damp and mould growth.

Mould and damp are caused by excess moisture in buildings. It can be caused by a number of reasons including leaking pipes, rising damp, leaking roof; for most, the most common reason is condensation.

Mould affects your health as it produces allergens (substance that can cause an allergic reaction), irritants and sometimes toxic substances. Inhaling or touching mould can sometimes cause an allergic reaction and can cause asthma attacks.

Health problems caused by damp and mould can include:

Image of Mould and Damp

Those most vulnerable to health problems caused by damp and mould include:

These people should not be exposed to damp and mould.

Good practices such as leaving windows open can reduce the level of condensation, however this is not always practical. Dry Home Solutions will survey your property and asses the cause of condensation and suggest the best remedy to treat it and prevent condensation build up in the future.

Dry Home Solutions Ltd will sort out your condensation, damp and mould problems. Contact us today to find out more and book a free ventilation survey. Alternatively complete the contact form below and we will call you back.

What Can I Do?

The answer to this is to commission Dry Home Solutions to supply and install a Passyfier Dehumidifier Vent. The vent works by combining a through-the-wall warm telescopic sleeve with a slab of mineral wool inside and louvered vent internally and an appropriate external cover.

Image of a Dehumidifier Vent

The mineral wool allows the exit of moisture vapour but prevents cold draughts so householders are not tempted to block them up.

The vents can be installed in established homes or new builds. A typical house will need on average four or five Passyfier Vents which can be added over time. Quite often the easiest method of installation will be to replace the air-bricks with the Passyfier Sleeved Vent Kit. There are many different types of vents to match décor, style and type of property. It's a very cost effective and simple remedy FOR LIFE with NO RUNNING COSTS- our fitters are well trained and will leave your house spotless.

Our qualified and experienced tradesmen will discuss the best method of installation with you. Contact us today to discuss preventing the build-up of condensation and mould in your home.

Mr Lofty

This is fitted into your loft and may be needed if the damp is so bad that the vents need a bit of help. It costs about £12 per year to run and is very quiet.

Damp proofing - back to top

Damp is one of the most common problems that affects properties - it is damaging to the structure of a building and can also adversely affect your health.

There is a solution - damp proofing is a process that involves treating the walls of a property to prevent damp and its associated problems. Knowing the cause of the damp is essential to treating it properly so proper diagnosis by a professional is recommended.

What makes damp proofing so important for properties suffering from damp is that it provides a long term solution that will prevent any moisture from entering the interior walls. This is essential because once water starts to get through to the interior spaces of a property then it's only a matter of time before problems such as wet rot, dry rot and timber decay occur.

There are many obvious signs of damp to look out for including mould, damp patches and flaking walls. You may suspect that your home is suffering from damp if you have noticed one or more of these signs.

Types of Damp

There are a few different types of damp that can affect a property. There are -

Wet Rot Treatment - back to top

Wet rot is not usually as difficult to eradicate as dry rot but is more common and can cause severe damage within your property. The rot attacks timber in damp conditions and if allowed to go unchecked or without wet rot treatment, can be a common cause of structural defects within a property.

Wet rot requires a constant source of moisture in order to grow, such leaks or poor pointing. The moisture, together with the presence of wood can allow wet rot spores to germinate and grow that will eventually lead to the timber losing its strength and integrity, similar to the effects of dry rot. Signs are:

Dry Rot Treatment - back to top

Image of a Dry Rot

Dry Rot is very serious and must be treated, otherwise it can cause considerable destruction to your home.

Dry Rot manifests itself by a strong fungal smell, cracked wood, and a fruiting body like a large flattish mushroom.

Dry Rot needs moisture to survive and will hunt for it - a dark, warm unventilated damp place is ideal for it. The problem is that it often takes hold before it's noticed.

You may notice white tendrils that travel across woodwork or even masonry, or cotton wool like growths.

These suck moisture from the wood, making it crack across the grain and lose its structural integrity.

Plastering - back to top

Image of Roofing

We have excellent plasterers, or "spreads" in our team, with very many years of experience.

Plastering is usually in two coats. It used to be lime based, but nowadays it's a "render and set" that uses gypsum.

Dry lining can be an alternative method of finishing a wall, using plasterboard which is either stuck to the wall using the "dot and dab" method or screwed to timbers. Then it's taped and filled or set, ready for decorating.

For all your plastering needs, from small jobs to whole walls or ceilings, you can be sure you will receive an outstanding job.

Rendering - back to top

Rendering is the process of applying mortar to the exterior walls of a property.

The advantage to rendering your property is that it allows you to select from many different styles and finishes that cannot be achieved otherwise. This can be done without any structural work being done to the property.

Rendering also acts as insulation so can help you to save money on your heating bills in the winter months.

The two main types of render available are cement and acrylic -

Overall, rendering is a very worthwhile investment that will undoubtedly add value to your property as well as improving its appearance.

Soffits/Fascias - back to top

Image of Sofits/Facias

We can replace your old and rotten wooden soffits and fascias with plastic, which has a long life and is very low maintenance - no painting! We have carried out works on many properties, as well as schools.

Blocked gutters can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage, but we can clean them for you on a regular basis if you can't do this yourself.

Guttering comes in various types:

Additions include lightning conductors and leaf guards.

Brick Ties - back to top

Brick ties are small architectural elements that are used to connect two brick walls across a narrow cavity or to bind a brick wall to a wood or steel frame. They are commonly made from pressed metal, plastic or braided wire. Their main function is to improve the strength of a brick wall by transferring some of the force applied to the wall to a second load-bearing structure. Brick ties are a cheap and effective method of reinforcing brick-and-mortar construction. Sometimes they can become corroded, especially where cavity wall insulation is fitted and there is therefore no air flow for any moisture to dry out, perhaps from poor pointing.

We can replace corroded brick ties cost effectively preventing further problems or large bills.

Brick Sealing and Pointing - back to top

We use breathable brick seal to prevent rain ingress after pointing. We can do pointing on listed buildings using lime mortar as approved by Heritage Officers.

What Next?

If you have decided you want to put an end to condensation, damp and mould in your home; the first step is to contact us.

We will arrange a mutually convenient time for our qualified and experienced tradesmen to visit your home and carry out a free survey, followed by a free written report and/or quotation with a recommended system for your home to eliminate condensation and mould growth.

If you decide that you would like to benefit from our quality services and put an end to condensation and mould in your home, contact us.

To book your free no obligation survey/quotation, please call 07769 588418 or email Dry Home Solutions Ltd today. Alternatively request a call back by completing the form below.

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